Thursday, January 20, 2011

Word that stick with me and change me

I have an incredible friend whom I have known since I was just a young lass in Victoria.  
I am super lucky as she jumped on the same band wagon I did, and now we are each others support and the nice thing is we are in the same sized boat so the journey will be similar.

Spending so much of our lives as friends we have really seen each other through the ups the downs, the thin the fat.   This woman is one of the kindest, most supportive women I know.  She has kept me going daily with an email here and an text message there, asking questions, giving updates, funny moments of her journey. 

Tuesday night she sent me a text message that stuck with me:

 "I just had a flashback of being 120 lbs on the treadmill at the YMCA and being jealous of the 200lb lady next to me as she had just lost 5 lbs in a week - Guess the coin has flipped.  I would rather be 120lbs and struggling to lose 5 lbs"

I am happy to report my dear friend lost 5 lbs this week (actually I think it was more like 5 days as she started a few days after me).  This program works. There are 2 of us now that are living the proof.

I have thought about her text often over the past two days,  it made me laugh so hard when I read it.. probably because I was most likely at the gym with her that day when we were 20 and were thinking the same thing.. Although I was more like 130 lbs at the time :)  Times have changed, and I look at the young girls who think they can eat anything and nothing will happen.. well listen up ladies.. IT CATCHES UP WITH YOU.  Metabolisms are wonderful until you hit late 20's or have babies.. Mine coincided with both my late 20's and babies.

So here we are on our journey together.. both striving to be the skinny bitch struggling to loose the last 2 lbs..

Her words changed me inside.  Last night after dinner, I went to the gym, I figured the only way I can become the skinny chickadee struggling to lose the last 2 lbs is to get my fat ass on the treadmill and keep going until it's gone baby gone.

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