Thursday, January 27, 2011

Favourite lunch

Today I am having my favourite lunch with a twist. 
I take 2 hard boiled eggs, one with yolk one with out,  celery, green onion, 1 tbsp of half fat mayo, salt and pepper mashed together and accompanied on Suzie's whole grain flat bread crackers.  I do it up in a bowl and then top the crackers with it.  I LOVE IT.  It's like having an egg salad sandwich without the bread and more satisfying because of the crunch.

Last night after posting my blog, I went to make my chicken strips and my luck continued... wouldn't you know my oven door wouldn't open, that's right..stuck shut couldn't pry it open if my life depended on it...AWESOME... I now have raw chicken dipped in egg and covered in bread crumbs ready to go and no oven...

After having a little out loud scream of frustration (which scared my kids upstairs) I composed myself and called my kind neighbour/friend and went and baked my chicken in their oven.
When I returned home I dug through my freezer looking for anything that resembled french fries that I could make in a frying pan.. (The making from scratch thing went out the door along with the oven door) I came across some breakfast potato patties,  great.. heat up a little olive oil in a non stick pan....

Well after receiving an email that said my account was back up running I went to the computer and forgot about the oil in the pan until the house was covered in smoke.. EXCELLENT.   I proceeded to burn the patties to a crisp and almost forgot about the chicken strips at the neighbours.. 

"Dinner is served" The kids were SO Impressed by the smoke filled house and lack of potato on their plates..  note the sarcasm

The chicken strips turned out excellent (yahh!!) and even though they were accompanied by carrots and snap peas the kids seemed pretty happy with dinner.  That and I promised to make up for the french fries disappointment by making homemade frozen yogurt.  (I make with low fat yogurt and frozen berries nothing else and it is delicious).  It was a huge hit and I even think the kids forgave my scream.  

When my husband walked in the door my face was covered in streaming tears, not because of the day (which is shocking) but instead because I was watching American Idol and one of the stories brought me to sob like a teenager with a heart break.  Geesh.. what is wrong with me!  He then put me and the kids to bed and the day was over. Thank God.

So today I am having my favourite lunch, and damn does it taste good and the best part, it's on my diet.  Things are looking up.   My site is still having issues but it is running and I have access to my email.. Thanks for all the support!


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