Saturday, January 29, 2011


TOTALLY Freaking out.. Looks like my business may be taking me to the Oscars.... I have been invited to be part of the Baby Tent for celebrity Moms before the Academy Awards.. I would need to be at this event.
This body - MY BODY would need to be at this event.. photographed with celebrities..STICK THIN celebrities who just gave birth days ago..

OMG OMG OMG I have to lose 50 lbs by Feb 26.. HELP.. Please, if you have any "get it off" quick tips now is the time to share.. Seriously besides vomiting I am pretty open to suggestions.. anyone have some "magic" pills hanging around?? 

I am officially off anything that resembles, smells, looks like a carb, fat or, shit has a calorie in it.. Look out celery sticks and lemon water here I come.. I should be able to sustain myself on that for a month.. right?  What about Subway, how long did it take Jarod to lose his flab eating subway?...

Idea of the day: I need to join a 24 hr gym and start spending 8 hrs a night there..

Let the comments fly.. .please remember anything that resembles "a lose it slow and steady" comment will be deleted..


  1. Aly that is so friggin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words seriously cannot express how excited I am for you!!!!! Let us know EVERYTHING :-D

  2. Make sure all of the food you eat is off (like the rolls with Jo). This will work for two reasons:
    a) everything ingested will leave your body in liquid form asap.
    b) the practice of eating rotten food will put you off food entirely.

    Win win.