Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My cousin called me out

Ok... so I have been quiet because I have been bad..

Easter is a tragic holiday for a confessed chocoholic, who for some dumb reason decided to book a show on Easter Sunday.. Work on a holiday? What kind of fool does that.. second more what kind of fool brings a bowl full of chocolate eggs with their logo on them to give away..

Confession #1: Some meanie weenie of a lady hurt my feelings and I made it feel better by cracking my first egg.
Confession #2: I got tired after crashing from my first egg and had to have a second.
Confession #3: The drive home was exhausting and I had a third egg

By the time I got home I was ready for a delicious Easter dinner with all the trimmings.. That's it diet is blown, let's go all out.  After all it was the first year in 9 of being with my hubby that I didn't make it.. there for it already was going to taste better..

So I am home.. Smells delicious.. cuddle with my babes, they tell me about the egg hunt & their days.. dinner time, and my sweet, sweet husband made a turkey with roasted vegetables (all ones on my diet).. No mashed potatoes, no broccoli casserole and no candied yams.. he was being my rock when I was weak.  Let me tell you when I professed to him that I would have eaten all of that that night it broke his heart too.

So after dinner, I had a wee bit more chocolate.. and it tasted good.  I let go of the guilt and went to bed.

Next morning was weigh in for the challenge day.. I was up 1 from Saturday, but all in all still down 5 for the week, so really, who can complain.

But here's the thing, I am super sensitive and apparently an emotional eater.  Having a few blue days and a lot of weak moments I have managed to stay on the diet for 75% of Mon & Tues and so far 100% of today.

I have not lost a darn thing in the past few days which makes me think perhaps fat Aly is happy Aly?

I am off to the island for the remainder of the week and since I have yet to convince my husband that I need an ipad, I doubt I will be posting until next Monday.   

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I appologize..

It seems my last few posts have done nothing for the boredom of a diet.. Looking at the pictures I think I was torturing myself.  I am at the point of my diet that I start to miss variety.  Chicken or salmon & vegetables..fruit & yogurt... that's it.

I have been trying to come up new and inventive way to eat the same stuff,   here are a few things I have made while sticking to the diet:

Frozen Yogurt
I took yogurt, and frozen berries and blended together and whala! I had frozen yogurt.. It was really good and tasted sinful.


Chicken Caesar Salad
  Grilled chicken
Romaine lettuce
Fat free salad dressing
1 piece turkey bacon (fat soaked off in paper towel afterwards)

Turkey Meatballs
Lean ground turkey
1 egg
salt & pepper

Mix together in a bowl, make little meat balls & bake at 350 for 15-20 min.. or saute in pam on stove top.  Easy & quick protein

Baked salmon
Salmon fillet
rock /sea salt

Coat the salmon with salt, pepper, garlic and then squeeze lemon over top. Bake for 20-30 min depending on size and the squeeze fresh lemon on top after coming out of the oven.. My daughter devours this..

Baked Veggies
Assorted veggies,  I like green beans, whole mushrooms, peppers, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, Italian onions, garlic

Cube zucchini,  cut peppers into strips put everything in a casserole dish, drizzle with olive oil, salt & pepper or sweet pepper flakes, bake at 305-400 for 10-15 min, veggies are still crunchy and full of flavour..

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have I mentioned how much I love this diet?

Well I have lost what I gained back & then some.. I am now over my first major hump.. The one I haven't been able to get over since I was 7 months pregnant with my first born (who is now 5).


Ok.. next goal is bigger.. and better.. I may do new photo's/measurements soon..

Down 2 more lbs.. which puts me somewhere around 17 since January.

11 in the new competition :)  Wooohoooooo

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I dreamt of cookies

I dreamt of cookies last night.. and not just any cookies, hot out of the oven chocolate chip, melt in your mouth cookies.. In my dream they came with ice cream .. but being the good girl I am, I opted for no ice cream..

Just as I was about to take a bite my son woke me up!!!  Great! even my dreams are on a diet.

I was just telling a friend yesterday that I didn't think I was going through sugar withdrawals this round.. as I didn't get the head-aches, sweats or irritability.. Perhaps I was wrong.. they have transformed to the sub-conscious.

Despite the delicious dream,  I did manage to lose 1 lb yesterday.  1 more to go and I am back to pre-New York. 

Yesterday my friend and I walked the kids to gymnastics instead of driving,  and even in the rainy walk home we managed not to call 9-1-1 for a ride home. I would say small victory!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm back..

OK here I am day 2 of take 3.. or day 2 of the system re-start.. Lost 2 lbs yesterday, so my theory of being bloated from flying is seemingly more plausible. 
I am swamped with work today so I will keep this quick and light..

Dinner 2 was the most delicious Thai food ever!!  The restaurant is called SEA,

It was in the meat packing district, which in and of itself is super cool. 

Peanut Curry was worth drooling over.. yumm!

Monday, April 18, 2011

I LOVE NY - post 1 of NY foodcapades

So my diet in New York.. Here's how it went..

First meal on Tuesday:  Brunch

First food stop - That's Koralle in the picture - the best NY friend a couple of gals could have

Success!  I had a veggie omelet, hold the potatoes, sans toast, cup of green tea.. Delish!

However, after walking 40 miles taking it all in,  I had decided that wine was a must with dinner..

And then after getting all gussied up we decided a stop for a pre-dinner cocktail was in order.. 

Very happy with my decision to sit & drink...
The best cocktail ever.. and we decided it was probably good for us to.. I think it was called a "whats up doc".. Carrot juice, elderberry, ground ginger & vodka...

Our delightful tour guide, who I got the feeling was famous in the foodie circle, made us reservations at the famous "The Darby"    with Executive Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli From the Food Networks "Alex's Day Off", Iron Chef and many appearances on numerous talk shows.

So how does one continue on a diet at one of the worlds best restaurants with a world's best chef?

She doesn't.  That's how.  Do you think I am an idiot?  Nope not me.. here's some pics of my most exquisite meal ever..

My Mom, note the wine & bread...

Appie - Wild Mushroom Ravioli (we shared), truffle cream sauce.. OMG too delish

Grilled wild salmon with sunchokes..Amazing

Grilled Octopus salad with cucumber, dill & red wine.. SO GOOD

German lb cake, with chocolate fudge, caramel & sea salt.  Seriously, to die for

That was night one.. I will continue pictures & stories tomorrow..  But where did all this leave me for weigh in today?  Up 4 lbs... for that I blame bloat from the flight.. couldn't have been the dessert..

So here I sit at home, back on the diet and after 32 pee's I am back on track :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

New York Bound

So I lost almost 10 lbs this week.  Pretty A-OK.  I am now .2 of a lb away from my first milestone goal..

I am off to New York and may not be posting while away.  I am going with the intention of continuing on with this diet, and plan to bringing my walking shoes.   I will however be bringing bagels home in my suitcase to freeze to eat when carbs are back on the menu.. always wanted to try a New York Bagel.

Well folks.. I must go pack.

For sure I will blog next Monday :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

17 Day Diet

Before I go into the diet.. the scale stayed the same today..I think it's because I want that next .9 of a lb so bad.. And then 20 minutes ago my ladies only friend came to visit.. AWESOMENESS.  This is awesome for a couple of reasons.. 1. Normally I gain a solid 5 lbs before I get it.  2. I didn't have normal symptoms 3.It explains the lack of loss today.. so I am sure that in the next 5 days the .9 will come off easy peasy.

I have had a lot of requests about what the 17 day diet is.   I first saw Dr.Mike on ask Oprah's All Stars with Dr.Oz & Dr.Phil,  they both endorsed this weight loss plan.  Which to me is big,  something about that Dr. Oz guy that I just trust.

The plan is 4 segments,  each segment lasting 17 days.  Every 17 days the diet changes.. This is pretty interesting to me as I bore easily,  but somehow 17 days seems easy.

I am only on segment 1 of the diet but I can tell you there are very few carbs and those that are come in the form of fruit.  This is not a starvation diet by any means.  In fact I can't remember the last time I have eaten this much in a day.  I am always satisfied.

I almost bought the book on line in January or February when I saw the show with Dr.Mike on it.. but it was like $40 and out of the USA.. so I didn't want to deal with shipping & the border.   

The day before my newest weight loss challenge started I was in Costco to get a scale and there was the book $18. Done deal.  I bought it and I have not regretted it. 

I am losing weight so fast (and he contradicts the 2 lb a week'ers & has evidence as to why this is a good thing) that I am staying motivated.. I mean after 5 days my pants are lose.. How cool is that!

The next segment of the diet is to go high cal, low cal, every other day according to his plan,  again super do-able.  Followed by adding foods back in during segment 3 and finally in segment 4 you learn to be normal... with cheat days on the weekend that is :)

Of course it is much more complex than that, but if you think you could do that.. and I know you can..If I can, you can.. it is a easy, fulfilling diet and I highly recommend it.

Thank you Dr. Mike!

Friday, April 8, 2011

So I bet your wondering....

It's been 5 days.. and I'm not sure about you, but with the .2 loss yesterday I was sure that was going to be the norm here on out.  Again.. I am not complaining.. that is a significant loss daily.  However it wasn't quite like that this morning...

I lost 2 lbs!  I am now officially .9 away from breaking bad.  Bad being the weight loss barrier I have not been able to hurdle in 5.5 years...

Will tomorrow be the morning I wake up and see a new set of numbers?? How awesome would that be! 

I will keep you posted tomorrow on if I was able to do it or not..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 4

The biggest change in me is my energy.  This protein & veggie rich diet with the added yogurts & fruit gives me nothing but energy.  I feel GREAT! If only I could bank this..

Last night we went for a family walk down to the school,  while the kids played I went for a trail hike, short and sweet,  maybe 20 minutes, but it was so nice. 

When I got back to the playground,  I played.  I was surprised at how much of the equipment is made to build core strength!  It was hard,  way harder than when I was a kid.  So my hubby and I challenged each other to hanging crunches, balance walks and climbing walls.  It was a blast & my tummy felt the burn.  We are making this part of our evening routine.  When he gets home, we go for a walk & a family play time together.

We were all happy, the kids, the dog and even my normally grumpy after work hubby too. I look forward to more evenings spent this way. 

Today I am down .6 of a lb.  I can't complain,  I mean that is a lot in one day.  No 5 or 2, but I'll take it!  At this rate I will be down 10 this week and that is A-Mazing.  I am looking forward to the next 2.2 lbs,  I haven't been able to break that barrier in 5 years.. If I loose 2.3 lbs, I will have entered into the realm of my first weight loss goal.  This goal I have had for 3 years. I have tried Weight Watchers, gym, Women Food & God, and now.. the 17 day diet and this one feels so promising!!! I can see it.. I can smell it... come on 2.3lbs.. I need you now... More than words can say.. I need you now...OK enough of the cheesy song..

Have a great day!   Xox Aly

*Things you may missed without reading between the lines:  Going for a walk when you drink litres of water a day:  Peeing in the bush, that's right.. I'm a class act.. but better than my pants I suppose!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where does it go?

OK, so I have a question.. Where does the weight go? How is it I can go to sleep a certain weight and when I wake up I am 4 lbs lighter? 


I can account for 1 lb (as I was gross and weighed myself before and after my morning ritual) .. But did the other 3 lbs come out during the 5am mega pee? Plausible It did last 3 minutes easy, perhaps 5.  But honestly WHERE does it go, does my body actually use it and there for like gasoline it just vanishes into "thin" ass I mean air?

That being said, no I didn't lose 4 lbs yesterday as I found 2 during the day.. but I am down another 2 from yesterday morning.  For a grand total of 7lbs.

I have NEVER lost this quickly before.. then again it has been years and years since I have owned a scale & knew what I weighed at the same time daily (wearing only my birth-day suit)... and I used to  "weight" a week between weigh ins. 

So I have concluded that this means one of the following:

A. I will gain back 5 over the next few days to bring me to a 2 lb loss on Monday..
B. I will continue to lose 2 lbs a day and look FREAKING AWESOME for New York or
C. My scale is f*cking with me and thinks this is a hilarious joke on mankind.

I am going to go with option B.  Let's be honest more my style to think pie in the sky. - I learned that from an old boss I had.. Thanks Mike.

Diet friendly Pie
Not diet friendly pie

So here I sit drinking my morning lemon water, eating yogurt & blueberries and feeling freaking AWESOME! I have energy today for the first time in a month.. YAH!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 2.. Of Take 2..

OK,  so truth be told I could basically take my first couple of blog posts from take 1 and copy and paste and perhaps know one would notice.. I mean there are similarities to how I am feeling.
Instead, read back to the water blog & the peeing and you will back up to speed to where I am.. Let's just say I am wearing elastic pants today to make my bathroom breaks more efficient.

First of all.. I LOVE MY NEW SCALE.  It is one heck of a motivator.  I know there are neigh-sayer's about weighing yourself daily.. and they will hate how I have taken it to the extreme..

I imagine that this new toy will lose it's luster after a couple of bitchy remarks,  but for now she is still shiny and new,  and I am so curious about my body that I can't resist...  

So yesterday I weighed myself first thing in the morning as a nuddie butt,  then again fully dressed after breakfast +1,  after lunch-no change,  and then again before bed as a nuddie butt up 2.8 lbs from the morning. 

I was SO excited to get my arse on the scale this morning after my morning bathroom break.. I was down 4.2 lbs from the morning before and 7 lbs from last night!  Motivation Nation at my house right now!

YES I get that 99.9% of that loss is likely water, and I am so good with that. Here's why, my body is not dehydrated, and I do not believe that carrying all that extra weight in water is good for me.  I am drinking lots of water & green tea and last I checked living in Canada there are no immediate dangers of not having access to water so "Body I free you from saving the extra water".  
I feel like I am now starting from a place of real loss. I do not expect such dramatic daily results.. I have done this enough times to know the truth.. But it is a good feeling to be lighter today.

I am eating a ton of veggies and lean protein, fruit and yogurt.. and besides the sugar shakes yesterday afternoon (meaning I was shaking from not having sugar - not that I made a shake made of sugar), I feel great.   Seriously I swear everywhere I looked yesterday all I could see what chocolate.. Must force children to eat it today to be rid of it... I am a sugar addict and I swear I go through withdrawals by giving it up... Oh the headaches.. Be strong Aly.. Be Strong...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Take it off - Take Two

First of all.  You all suck for letting me off the weight loss wagon and not giving me poop for it..well except for my sister, she sent me a few annoying texts.. asking me to get back to blogging... Geesh some people, the nerve!

You see the issue with blogging would have been the admission that I was eating like a person with an active metabolism and who worked out for hours on end a day..  Which of course I was not. ...  However much to my surprise I have stayed exactly where I left off not gaining, not losing.. just the same for the last month.  Which makes me smile since I was sure I had gained 50 lbs easily. 

So today is Day 1 of the Biggest La-Ooser Competition and Day 1 of me starting a new diet. 

I tried to do it my way and I stopped.. so now I will do it Dr. Mike Moreno's way and try the 17 day diet.  So far I love it.  Easy to follow, it all makes sense and now only time will tell.  I am now officially at hour 3 if the new diet and so far.. I am still on it.. so tiny success for me.. yah me!

The 17 Day Diet Book

Yesterday I bought the book and a scale at Costco, came home and ate the last of the girl guide cookies in the cupboard and read the first couple chapters.  Delicious. 

So here's to another 16.75 days of the first segment of this book.. and to not blowing it before, during or after New York.