Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I dreamt of cookies

I dreamt of cookies last night.. and not just any cookies, hot out of the oven chocolate chip, melt in your mouth cookies.. In my dream they came with ice cream .. but being the good girl I am, I opted for no ice cream..

Just as I was about to take a bite my son woke me up!!!  Great! even my dreams are on a diet.

I was just telling a friend yesterday that I didn't think I was going through sugar withdrawals this round.. as I didn't get the head-aches, sweats or irritability.. Perhaps I was wrong.. they have transformed to the sub-conscious.

Despite the delicious dream,  I did manage to lose 1 lb yesterday.  1 more to go and I am back to pre-New York. 

Yesterday my friend and I walked the kids to gymnastics instead of driving,  and even in the rainy walk home we managed not to call 9-1-1 for a ride home. I would say small victory!

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  1. lol! This reminds me of my roomie in college. She gave up chocolate for a little while and would dream of it all the time :) Good dream *~*