Saturday, April 9, 2011

17 Day Diet

Before I go into the diet.. the scale stayed the same today..I think it's because I want that next .9 of a lb so bad.. And then 20 minutes ago my ladies only friend came to visit.. AWESOMENESS.  This is awesome for a couple of reasons.. 1. Normally I gain a solid 5 lbs before I get it.  2. I didn't have normal symptoms 3.It explains the lack of loss today.. so I am sure that in the next 5 days the .9 will come off easy peasy.

I have had a lot of requests about what the 17 day diet is.   I first saw Dr.Mike on ask Oprah's All Stars with Dr.Oz & Dr.Phil,  they both endorsed this weight loss plan.  Which to me is big,  something about that Dr. Oz guy that I just trust.

The plan is 4 segments,  each segment lasting 17 days.  Every 17 days the diet changes.. This is pretty interesting to me as I bore easily,  but somehow 17 days seems easy.

I am only on segment 1 of the diet but I can tell you there are very few carbs and those that are come in the form of fruit.  This is not a starvation diet by any means.  In fact I can't remember the last time I have eaten this much in a day.  I am always satisfied.

I almost bought the book on line in January or February when I saw the show with Dr.Mike on it.. but it was like $40 and out of the USA.. so I didn't want to deal with shipping & the border.   

The day before my newest weight loss challenge started I was in Costco to get a scale and there was the book $18. Done deal.  I bought it and I have not regretted it. 

I am losing weight so fast (and he contradicts the 2 lb a week'ers & has evidence as to why this is a good thing) that I am staying motivated.. I mean after 5 days my pants are lose.. How cool is that!

The next segment of the diet is to go high cal, low cal, every other day according to his plan,  again super do-able.  Followed by adding foods back in during segment 3 and finally in segment 4 you learn to be normal... with cheat days on the weekend that is :)

Of course it is much more complex than that, but if you think you could do that.. and I know you can..If I can, you can.. it is a easy, fulfilling diet and I highly recommend it.

Thank you Dr. Mike!

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  1. I think I am going to look for this book. It sounds really interesting! Something about a plan is really motivational and I trust Dr. Oz too because he doesn't seem like he would want anyone doing something that is a diet scam. I usually opt out of weighing myself 'that' time of the month to prevent frustration. You are doing fabulous Aly! Reading how you are doing is extremely motivational to me. Thank you! <3