Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My cousin called me out

Ok... so I have been quiet because I have been bad..

Easter is a tragic holiday for a confessed chocoholic, who for some dumb reason decided to book a show on Easter Sunday.. Work on a holiday? What kind of fool does that.. second more what kind of fool brings a bowl full of chocolate eggs with their logo on them to give away..

Confession #1: Some meanie weenie of a lady hurt my feelings and I made it feel better by cracking my first egg.
Confession #2: I got tired after crashing from my first egg and had to have a second.
Confession #3: The drive home was exhausting and I had a third egg

By the time I got home I was ready for a delicious Easter dinner with all the trimmings.. That's it diet is blown, let's go all out.  After all it was the first year in 9 of being with my hubby that I didn't make it.. there for it already was going to taste better..

So I am home.. Smells delicious.. cuddle with my babes, they tell me about the egg hunt & their days.. dinner time, and my sweet, sweet husband made a turkey with roasted vegetables (all ones on my diet).. No mashed potatoes, no broccoli casserole and no candied yams.. he was being my rock when I was weak.  Let me tell you when I professed to him that I would have eaten all of that that night it broke his heart too.

So after dinner, I had a wee bit more chocolate.. and it tasted good.  I let go of the guilt and went to bed.

Next morning was weigh in for the challenge day.. I was up 1 from Saturday, but all in all still down 5 for the week, so really, who can complain.

But here's the thing, I am super sensitive and apparently an emotional eater.  Having a few blue days and a lot of weak moments I have managed to stay on the diet for 75% of Mon & Tues and so far 100% of today.

I have not lost a darn thing in the past few days which makes me think perhaps fat Aly is happy Aly?

I am off to the island for the remainder of the week and since I have yet to convince my husband that I need an ipad, I doubt I will be posting until next Monday.   

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