Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where does it go?

OK, so I have a question.. Where does the weight go? How is it I can go to sleep a certain weight and when I wake up I am 4 lbs lighter? 


I can account for 1 lb (as I was gross and weighed myself before and after my morning ritual) .. But did the other 3 lbs come out during the 5am mega pee? Plausible It did last 3 minutes easy, perhaps 5.  But honestly WHERE does it go, does my body actually use it and there for like gasoline it just vanishes into "thin" ass I mean air?

That being said, no I didn't lose 4 lbs yesterday as I found 2 during the day.. but I am down another 2 from yesterday morning.  For a grand total of 7lbs.

I have NEVER lost this quickly before.. then again it has been years and years since I have owned a scale & knew what I weighed at the same time daily (wearing only my birth-day suit)... and I used to  "weight" a week between weigh ins. 

So I have concluded that this means one of the following:

A. I will gain back 5 over the next few days to bring me to a 2 lb loss on Monday..
B. I will continue to lose 2 lbs a day and look FREAKING AWESOME for New York or
C. My scale is f*cking with me and thinks this is a hilarious joke on mankind.

I am going to go with option B.  Let's be honest more my style to think pie in the sky. - I learned that from an old boss I had.. Thanks Mike.

Diet friendly Pie
Not diet friendly pie

So here I sit drinking my morning lemon water, eating yogurt & blueberries and feeling freaking AWESOME! I have energy today for the first time in a month.. YAH!!!


  1. Congrats!!! I am so proud of you and the fact you feel energetic is truly awesome!!! xx

  2. What a great day, Congrats! Love that first picture, lol!

  3. Awesome! I'm so excited your back at it. I love reading your posts! Keep up the good work!