Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello Old Friend

I have to admit, I am off the ball & the blog train.. I have been still doing my best at weigh loss... Regardless of the lack of blogs.

Well there is some non truth to that, I was really sick, my cold turned to bronchitis, and then pneumonia. So after a week of heavy duty antibiotics, I can breath again.    Here's the crazy thing, I gained weight for a few days by not eating more than soup.  However it left quickly after I started eating again.. but while I was sick I was not really dieting intentionally. 

However I have been back at it this week and I am down 34lbs since last fall, 26 since January's first Biggest Loser competition, and 18 since this newest competition started.

Is it just me or do others have this issue.. My body seems to get stuck at just over the next goal..  What I mean is every time I get close to breaking into the next set of 10's (150,160,170,180 etc..) I get stuck at the 1.. so if I want to be 179 just to feel what its like to be in the 170's... I get stuck at 181 FOR WEEKS..up down, up down, stay the same.. I am stuck right now.  Is that just me or do others get that?

The other thing I know for sure is when I start a new diet I am SO strict for the first 2 weeks, and as time passes I get less strict with myself, I will have a bite of this or that, allow a glass of wine here or there, have a piece of chocolate because I can't stop thinking about it.. and I know that this is healthy & normal... I just wish I was one of those super competitive people who see a goal and can't deviate until I reach it. 

I am so easy to sway.. It's amazing I am not an alcoholic or drug attic.  Actually I am and it's called food.  I am addicted to food, but I think I have detoxed the sugar addiction. I had a bite the other day of regular (not dark) and it was so sweet I couldn't eat it.   So yahh me!!

Anyway,  I will try to get better at blogging as I really do see the difference in the scale when I blog, I think it keeps me more honest on top of myself, or maybe it's giving me 5 minutes a day to focus on me. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I am officially 2 sizes smaller than I was in February and 4 sizes smaller since last fall (If you count each number as a size).

I have been looking at my body naked in the mirror lately,  and not hating what I see.  I mean I still have my Mom jelly belly and I am not toned by any means, but I am starting to take the shape of what I consider to be a "normal" looking woman.   It's as though I am peeling layers off,  I have a few more to go but I can now start to see what I am going to look like at the end of this journey.  It is a really good feeling.

My sister gave me some lululemon shorts a few months back that were to big for her and she said that when I hit that size they would look great on me.  Well I was sure I could fit them then, but much to my demise they could barely get over my arse.

This morning while cleaning out my closet for the Canadian Diabetes's pick up tomorrow,  I came across the shorts.  And THEY FIT! and they fit well.  They do look good, my sister was right!  I am so happy the sun is shining in the lower mainland these days, these legs of mine just may get shown off for Mothers Day :)

I continued to try on other things,  such as the size 18 jeans I bought last fall (that were tight when I bought them) and I can now easily pull them on and off without undoing a button or a zipper.. very cool.  Oh an my scrubs fit!! I bought a pair of scrub pants probably 15 years ago from a vintageshop in Victoria and I loved them so much, that even though I grew out of them with my first pregnancy, I never had the heart to discard them.  And today when I tried them on.. THEY TOTALLY FIT...

FYI to my neighbours,  I do realize they are practically see through, but I do plan on wearing this as my home uniform.. so if you'd like a show "come and knock on my door".. Sorry got the theme of three's company stuck in my head..

all right, back to work, back to laundry & back to purging my closet of 16 & 18 sized clothes... on a related note, anyone have size 14 they are purging? 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Starting 2nd segment

I am starting the second segment of the 17 day diet.  The 2nd segment allows you to have some carbs (whole grains, starchy veg etc..) every other day.  Still no booze, no chocolate, no sugar, (except for fruit), good fats only, and all carbs must be eaten before 2 pm.  So 1 day is no carbs, next day is, and so on.

This should be interesting.. is it bad that I am already planning out my days and which ones I should have my carb day on to coincide with the movies.. aka Popcorn.. and by that, I figure if I stay awake longer then the 2pm rule can be extended to 5:35.. (time of Thor)..

OMG it's Noon.. Must go eat my fruit & start baking my sweet potato!

Actually, truth be told, I am still very much under the weather and I do not feel like eating what so ever. 

On a getting better note, I have stopped sweating profusely.   This morning my daughter woke me trying to come cuddle with me.. and then she yelled at me for being all wet & why was the bed soaking... Perhaps my fever broke?.. Crossing fingers and toes..

Monday, May 2, 2011

being Sick pays off on the scale

Today was weigh in day for the Biggest looser competition.
Down 6 more lbs this week!

Now, I have been hit by one heck of a terrible cold and perhaps some of the loss is from the lack of appetite.  Although I did do my best not to go over board on unhealthy food while on the island either.

I will confess that I had the most insane craving for dark chocolate with sea salt...and I totally caved... So delicious...not surprisingly I got my monthly friend 2 days later..

Off to bed to try to kick this fever + cold out of this body :)t