Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Starting 2nd segment

I am starting the second segment of the 17 day diet.  The 2nd segment allows you to have some carbs (whole grains, starchy veg etc..) every other day.  Still no booze, no chocolate, no sugar, (except for fruit), good fats only, and all carbs must be eaten before 2 pm.  So 1 day is no carbs, next day is, and so on.

This should be interesting.. is it bad that I am already planning out my days and which ones I should have my carb day on to coincide with the movies.. aka Popcorn.. and by that, I figure if I stay awake longer then the 2pm rule can be extended to 5:35.. (time of Thor)..

OMG it's Noon.. Must go eat my fruit & start baking my sweet potato!

Actually, truth be told, I am still very much under the weather and I do not feel like eating what so ever. 

On a getting better note, I have stopped sweating profusely.   This morning my daughter woke me trying to come cuddle with me.. and then she yelled at me for being all wet & why was the bed soaking... Perhaps my fever broke?.. Crossing fingers and toes..

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