Monday, June 6, 2011

Weigh In Day

Good Morning! 
So I have been back to see my friend Bikram (well his yogi's).. twice more since my last post.  I dreaded going each day but I have to say in the end I am proud I went.   With each class I get better, stronger, and more focused. It is crazy how quickly I can feel my body changing.

I was noticing yesterday the muscle tone in my legs, ...   I actually have some!  I feel stronger.. how is that possible after just 3 classes? 

This past week I have been super focused on losing again, and was down almost 6 lbs Friday.  But as of this morning it was back up to a 4lb loss for the week.  It really doesn't surprise me, as stated above, I feel my body changing, I feel fat being turned to muscle.  I am ok with that.  I know that once the muscle is there the fat comes off much easier and quicker. 

So my totals of this challenge so far:
Since last fall: 38lbs
Since I started this blog: 30lbs
Latest BL Challenge: 22lbs

I was stuck at 18 for the longest time, it seems my body just needed to change things up a little.  Do you find change helps you stay focused or get to your goal quicker?

Have a great day!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Lier Lier & My Panties were on Fire

So, I know I said I was going to get better at blogging... I lied.  I got worse I think.

To say the least, I have been burnt out.  Business has really picked up, and personal health issues have slowed down my Oomph. 

Here's the thing I have learned about myself this week.  When bad news comes, I give myself 3 choices. One: Eat myself numb to stop the feelings
Two: Ignore and move on (actually I am not sure I have ever been able to do this)
Three: Do something to make myself stronger

For the first week of my scare I ate.. Not terribly, but each day I would have some dark chocolate when I started to feel anything.   This week when the scare got a little worse, I decided to change my attitude. 

My attitude now is, if indeed my body will need to fight a good battle to heal then I need it to be in tip top shape, and mentally I need to be able to focus, I need to learn that I have amazing abilities inside of myself. 

The phone call came on Wednesday evening.  I had a cry, hugged my hubby, called my mom, and then went to the computer and printed off a groupon I bought months ago for hot yoga.  I got in the car and I started to drive, with the hockey game on I assumed there would be no traffic.  Nope, I made it 1 exit on the highway in 40 minutes. So I came home.  I think now, that it was probably best. 
Last night rolled around and I was ready (or so I thought).  I left a little earlier and I drove to North Van and I cashed in my groupon.

When I bent down the sweat dripped into my nose.. no joke.

I attended my first Bikrams Yoga.  I won't lied, I hated every 90 minutes of it.  I thought I was going to pass out, throw up, fail.   I did have to stop and just lay still a few times, and I was not good at any of the poses by any means.  But I stayed.  I did the 90 minutes.  (Although I think I stampeded out of the room faster than I could think once the class was over).. Ahh fresh air.  The teacher & the regulars said it was hotter than normal... perhaps they are trying to keep my hopes up for next class, so I'll come back.

Not me.. but I swear I had 2 gallons more sweat & my face looked like a tomato for 3 hours afterwards

I really didn't think I would make it through the 90 minutes,  I even sat there and tried to convince myself to leave.. little "shoulder Aly" kept saying "just quit, you'll never come back anyway, who cares what they all think..."   I don't know how, but somehow I mustered up the power to stay. I won a small battle against myself.  

I am sure my car will forever have a humidity problem, due to my hot body & sweaty mess...and for the first hour after the class, I was still hating it thinking of how I will never go back... and then a strange thing happened... the next hour that followed, my body was more alive than I had ever felt it.  It tingled, it was awake, it was happy.  I was happy. I was proud of myself, and this morning when I woke up after only 6 hours of sleep, I was awake.  I still had that same energy I had last night, and I have to tell you, it is the most energy I have had for the past month.

I did something I didn't think I could do, and in the end it felt great.

I now know I can take anything on, and I beat it. It may suck during, but the end result is fantastic.

And yes,  I plan on going back tonight.