Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Aly.. This is NOT good

So things that went wrong yesterday: 
  • Getting out of the house on time
  • picking the slow lane at the border
  • Not having my size of jeans at the fat girl store (actually I needed a smaller size so that goes in the went well category too)
  • Shopping at Trader Joe's on a hungry tummy.. Will power was out the window
  • Jack in the Box (I did go for the grilled chicken was the curly fries I couldn't say no to)
  • Cinnabon (although bought for Darren..I succumbed to the temptation and had one later that night)
  • Getting home and not being able to say no to 3 of the chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe's (I blame Jolene for this)
  • Heat rash on my face breaks out (decided to start tanning to look thinner and maybe thought I could handle more time than I can)
So I am pretty sure I am going to get my period in the next week.. I mean that has to explain yesterday, right?

Today's a new day right?.. Well let me tell you how it has started:
Got up to pee, went to go lay back down in my cozy warm bed and apparently I am not the only one who wanted some rest... That's right.. A FUCKING MOUSE WAS KEEPING MY SPOT WARM.

When it ran up my leg and grazed my hand I SCREAMED... and then with all my bravery I have inside me.. I jumped out of bed and ripped back the blanket to make sure my suspicions were indeed correct.. there it was - this tiny grey mouse playing dead..

Here's what I wish I had done:  Screamed at it "YOU'RE NOT A POSSUM..GET UP AND FIGHT ME" and then pick it up and thrown it outside..

But instead I screamed louder than my 5 year old has ever screamed and ran waving my arms frantically while trying not to vomit, scaring my children back into the womb.

When I was finally able to talk again I proceeded to call my husband (because obviously this is his fault).. His evil laughing was not appreciated and neither was his wisdom.  This is what he texted me after crying to him on the phone:
Him: "Funny yet?"
Me:  "No.. still Traumatized"
Him:  "Well just think WWCSD (what would Charlie Sheen Do)  - He would crack open the booze and call 1-DIAL-LAW-HORE."  

On a related note:  I am looking for a  rodent free home to sleep in tonight, anyone have a spare one?  I prefer top bunk (more of a challenge for a mouse I figure).

Monday, February 7, 2011

Blarghity blarghity blargh

Hmm.. so it could have been worse.. way worse.. and it does seem to be my thing..down then up..down then up.. seriously body.. get with the program.. down only please..

I gained 1 pound.  End of the world? No.  But what I wanted to read? No.
I will do measurements tonight or tomorrow.. hopefully some movement there.. Geesh..

OK.. back to the grind..FOR SURE

Gym was nice today, I feel great, even went for a quick tan after (someone mentioned it makes you appear thinner...hey I'll take it!)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

STRESS.. what is it good for..

OK,  so stress and I are NOT friends.  I repeat NOT friends.  Stress either brings out the.. "oh shit I forgot to eat's" in me.. or the.. "I don't give a fuck just feed me" eats.....

I have tried really hard to stay on track, but here I am going into week 4 of the challenge and I am no longer where I would like to be. Mentally that is.

In other words... I was NOT.. I repeat NOT good this past weekend.  Chinese, McDonald's (although I went for the better options on the menu - as if that's a real thing at McDonald's.. seriously Aly think about it...) red wine, and some delicious dark chocolate.. with sea salt...YUMMMmm... 

Anyway... what to do.. what to do.. Do I take the pressure of the weight loss off myself so I can have one less stress in the coming weeks or do I go easier on myself and forge in a forward direction..   

I didn't make it to the gym on Friday (I have a good excuse as there was a TV crew here filming me) and Sat & Sun I had free labour here helping me get ready.  However no matter what my excuses are .. they are just that.. I could have plugged in the wii, or gone for even a 10 min walk. But I didn't...

So the answer I am going with is..  Forge forward.  Tomorrow morning after taking the kids to pre-school, I will be going to the gym.  I will get my big butt on the scale and I will allow myself to get slapped silly by my Madame beotch the scale and if there is any goodness left in the world I will not have gained all 7.2 lbs I had left on the curbside back...

Tomorrow I start again.. Back to the logging food, back to the gym, drinking water, eating veggies and fruit, and back to being kind to myself.

In stress I forget to be kind to myself.  Tomorrow I be kind to myself but putting my body first, for a couple hours at least..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hot Yoga

I Have just purchased myself a 30 day unlimited Bikrams Yoga pass. 
I feel I need something new to add to the weight loss mix, to keep from getting bored.

My husband thinks I am going to burn out (literally and "figure"atively ).  As long as I burn off I am good with it.  
A couple other friends have signed up to do it as well,  so I am super excited!  If you are interested in getting the deal and you live in the lower mainland:  It's $35 for one month unlimited.. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

So here's to sweating to the newbies.. The studio has no idea what they are about to see.. me in yoga pants sweating.. now that's a sight.. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Days almost up

Here I am 11:26pm, working my fanny off.. In the quiet..
Yahhh!! The house is finally quiet...Everyone including the dog is asleep.
I am making lists of all the things I need to do before California.  Honestly.. Not sure when I am going to sleep.  And just when I thought I wasn't going to get my blog done today.. here I am... Hi Blog.

Food today = Not a whole lot during the day due to mayheimdom, then went for a delicious dinner that consisted of the most diet friendly food ever... Truffle Risotto, Lobster Mac N Cheese and a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream..Damn Dine out Vancouver going and wrecking my diet!   I have to say it was worth every calorie that went down the trap.  Delicious.  And the company was divine.

Note:  For those of you who want to take me out for meals in the next 3 weeks.. The Salad Loop is probably a better choice for my will power. 

So just when the diet was getting easier.. it's now getting harder.  Ugg... Must remember to eat before I am moody or blues, must remember to put time aside to work-out. Thank God for Pre-school.. I still have my Mondays and Fridays.. and I will make myself Sat and maybe Sunday too..