Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I am officially 2 sizes smaller than I was in February and 4 sizes smaller since last fall (If you count each number as a size).

I have been looking at my body naked in the mirror lately,  and not hating what I see.  I mean I still have my Mom jelly belly and I am not toned by any means, but I am starting to take the shape of what I consider to be a "normal" looking woman.   It's as though I am peeling layers off,  I have a few more to go but I can now start to see what I am going to look like at the end of this journey.  It is a really good feeling.

My sister gave me some lululemon shorts a few months back that were to big for her and she said that when I hit that size they would look great on me.  Well I was sure I could fit them then, but much to my demise they could barely get over my arse.

This morning while cleaning out my closet for the Canadian Diabetes's pick up tomorrow,  I came across the shorts.  And THEY FIT! and they fit well.  They do look good, my sister was right!  I am so happy the sun is shining in the lower mainland these days, these legs of mine just may get shown off for Mothers Day :)

I continued to try on other things,  such as the size 18 jeans I bought last fall (that were tight when I bought them) and I can now easily pull them on and off without undoing a button or a zipper.. very cool.  Oh an my scrubs fit!! I bought a pair of scrub pants probably 15 years ago from a vintageshop in Victoria and I loved them so much, that even though I grew out of them with my first pregnancy, I never had the heart to discard them.  And today when I tried them on.. THEY TOTALLY FIT...

FYI to my neighbours,  I do realize they are practically see through, but I do plan on wearing this as my home uniform.. so if you'd like a show "come and knock on my door".. Sorry got the theme of three's company stuck in my head..

all right, back to work, back to laundry & back to purging my closet of 16 & 18 sized clothes... on a related note, anyone have size 14 they are purging? 

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