Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello Old Friend

I have to admit, I am off the ball & the blog train.. I have been still doing my best at weigh loss... Regardless of the lack of blogs.

Well there is some non truth to that, I was really sick, my cold turned to bronchitis, and then pneumonia. So after a week of heavy duty antibiotics, I can breath again.    Here's the crazy thing, I gained weight for a few days by not eating more than soup.  However it left quickly after I started eating again.. but while I was sick I was not really dieting intentionally. 

However I have been back at it this week and I am down 34lbs since last fall, 26 since January's first Biggest Loser competition, and 18 since this newest competition started.

Is it just me or do others have this issue.. My body seems to get stuck at just over the next goal..  What I mean is every time I get close to breaking into the next set of 10's (150,160,170,180 etc..) I get stuck at the 1.. so if I want to be 179 just to feel what its like to be in the 170's... I get stuck at 181 FOR WEEKS..up down, up down, stay the same.. I am stuck right now.  Is that just me or do others get that?

The other thing I know for sure is when I start a new diet I am SO strict for the first 2 weeks, and as time passes I get less strict with myself, I will have a bite of this or that, allow a glass of wine here or there, have a piece of chocolate because I can't stop thinking about it.. and I know that this is healthy & normal... I just wish I was one of those super competitive people who see a goal and can't deviate until I reach it. 

I am so easy to sway.. It's amazing I am not an alcoholic or drug attic.  Actually I am and it's called food.  I am addicted to food, but I think I have detoxed the sugar addiction. I had a bite the other day of regular (not dark) and it was so sweet I couldn't eat it.   So yahh me!!

Anyway,  I will try to get better at blogging as I really do see the difference in the scale when I blog, I think it keeps me more honest on top of myself, or maybe it's giving me 5 minutes a day to focus on me. 

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  1. You are doing great Aly!! Thank you for motivating me. I read this passage in the 21-day Weight Loss kickstart that really helped me. It said we crave today what we ate yesterday. In fact, lots of times we crave it at the exact same time. I remind myself of that when I have a treat or when I am trying not to have a treat. That if I have it today I have to be prepared that I am also going to crave it tomorrow. For some reason it really helps motivate me to make better choices. I am glad you are starting to feel better xoxo