Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 2.. Of Take 2..

OK,  so truth be told I could basically take my first couple of blog posts from take 1 and copy and paste and perhaps know one would notice.. I mean there are similarities to how I am feeling.
Instead, read back to the water blog & the peeing and you will back up to speed to where I am.. Let's just say I am wearing elastic pants today to make my bathroom breaks more efficient.

First of all.. I LOVE MY NEW SCALE.  It is one heck of a motivator.  I know there are neigh-sayer's about weighing yourself daily.. and they will hate how I have taken it to the extreme..

I imagine that this new toy will lose it's luster after a couple of bitchy remarks,  but for now she is still shiny and new,  and I am so curious about my body that I can't resist...  

So yesterday I weighed myself first thing in the morning as a nuddie butt,  then again fully dressed after breakfast +1,  after lunch-no change,  and then again before bed as a nuddie butt up 2.8 lbs from the morning. 

I was SO excited to get my arse on the scale this morning after my morning bathroom break.. I was down 4.2 lbs from the morning before and 7 lbs from last night!  Motivation Nation at my house right now!

YES I get that 99.9% of that loss is likely water, and I am so good with that. Here's why, my body is not dehydrated, and I do not believe that carrying all that extra weight in water is good for me.  I am drinking lots of water & green tea and last I checked living in Canada there are no immediate dangers of not having access to water so "Body I free you from saving the extra water".  
I feel like I am now starting from a place of real loss. I do not expect such dramatic daily results.. I have done this enough times to know the truth.. But it is a good feeling to be lighter today.

I am eating a ton of veggies and lean protein, fruit and yogurt.. and besides the sugar shakes yesterday afternoon (meaning I was shaking from not having sugar - not that I made a shake made of sugar), I feel great.   Seriously I swear everywhere I looked yesterday all I could see what chocolate.. Must force children to eat it today to be rid of it... I am a sugar addict and I swear I go through withdrawals by giving it up... Oh the headaches.. Be strong Aly.. Be Strong...

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