Monday, April 4, 2011

Take it off - Take Two

First of all.  You all suck for letting me off the weight loss wagon and not giving me poop for it..well except for my sister, she sent me a few annoying texts.. asking me to get back to blogging... Geesh some people, the nerve!

You see the issue with blogging would have been the admission that I was eating like a person with an active metabolism and who worked out for hours on end a day..  Which of course I was not. ...  However much to my surprise I have stayed exactly where I left off not gaining, not losing.. just the same for the last month.  Which makes me smile since I was sure I had gained 50 lbs easily. 

So today is Day 1 of the Biggest La-Ooser Competition and Day 1 of me starting a new diet. 

I tried to do it my way and I stopped.. so now I will do it Dr. Mike Moreno's way and try the 17 day diet.  So far I love it.  Easy to follow, it all makes sense and now only time will tell.  I am now officially at hour 3 if the new diet and so far.. I am still on it.. so tiny success for me.. yah me!

The 17 Day Diet Book

Yesterday I bought the book and a scale at Costco, came home and ate the last of the girl guide cookies in the cupboard and read the first couple chapters.  Delicious. 

So here's to another 16.75 days of the first segment of this book.. and to not blowing it before, during or after New York. 

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  1. I just bought a scale at Costco too! :) Can't wait for your inspiration!