Monday, April 18, 2011

I LOVE NY - post 1 of NY foodcapades

So my diet in New York.. Here's how it went..

First meal on Tuesday:  Brunch

First food stop - That's Koralle in the picture - the best NY friend a couple of gals could have

Success!  I had a veggie omelet, hold the potatoes, sans toast, cup of green tea.. Delish!

However, after walking 40 miles taking it all in,  I had decided that wine was a must with dinner..

And then after getting all gussied up we decided a stop for a pre-dinner cocktail was in order.. 

Very happy with my decision to sit & drink...
The best cocktail ever.. and we decided it was probably good for us to.. I think it was called a "whats up doc".. Carrot juice, elderberry, ground ginger & vodka...

Our delightful tour guide, who I got the feeling was famous in the foodie circle, made us reservations at the famous "The Darby"    with Executive Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli From the Food Networks "Alex's Day Off", Iron Chef and many appearances on numerous talk shows.

So how does one continue on a diet at one of the worlds best restaurants with a world's best chef?

She doesn't.  That's how.  Do you think I am an idiot?  Nope not me.. here's some pics of my most exquisite meal ever..

My Mom, note the wine & bread...

Appie - Wild Mushroom Ravioli (we shared), truffle cream sauce.. OMG too delish

Grilled wild salmon with sunchokes..Amazing

Grilled Octopus salad with cucumber, dill & red wine.. SO GOOD

German lb cake, with chocolate fudge, caramel & sea salt.  Seriously, to die for

That was night one.. I will continue pictures & stories tomorrow..  But where did all this leave me for weigh in today?  Up 4 lbs... for that I blame bloat from the flight.. couldn't have been the dessert..

So here I sit at home, back on the diet and after 32 pee's I am back on track :)


  1. That looks so fun!!! You ladies look beautiful :)

  2. Thanks Wendy! It was SO FUN!! The restaurant also has a house band which is excellent, so fun!!! Can't wait to go back.. I will take this memory to my grave it was so good.