Friday, January 21, 2011

Things are starting to change

It dawned on me last night that I am no longer hungry all the time, and I find myself craving water.
How did that happen?  I went from thinking I was going to eat my arm off, and having to pee every 2 minutes to being satisfied all the time and actually wanting more water!

Some of the things I am doing that I think have helped me thus far:

1. I never leave the house without my water bottle (I love the Medium Eco Water bottle from Tupperware)

2. I carry a navel orange with me at all times, it is big enough to satisfy, no need to wash it, and it I love them

3. I make healthy food in batches so it is always available and easy - my new convenience food. Such as:
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • yams with Cinnamon
  • celery sticks, carrots sticks, baby cucumbers washed and ready to go
  • bake extra chicken breasts or salmon for the next day to have on a salad or with lunch
  • I have an abundance of fruit washed and ready eat
  • I have switched to using olive oil becel and becel spray, to use less fat but still get the taste I crave
4. I have purchased 100 calorie bags of things so I can easily cure a craving with having the satisfaction of knowing exactly how much I ate, as well they make great treats and snacks for the kids

5. I weigh and learn proper portion size of the foods I consume

6. I read packages, know what I am eating, how much, what the nutrients, calories and fat content and then decide if it's really what I want.

7. I listen to my body and what it is really wanting.

8. I journal everything I eat

9. I have committed to making a change, everyday I remind myself why I am doing this

Today, much to my surprise my body wanted salmon, yams, green beans, and a tomato for lunch.  It was a surprise as this is a typical dinner, not lunch for us and I am pretty sure my kids think it is now almost bedtime.... ahh the joys of messing with young one's minds..

This morning when I put my work out gear on.. I stood in the mirror and looked at my body and saw the changes.  My belly is defiantly shrinking.  Thank god.. I was starting to think I could go into tire sales :) 

Tomorrow night my hunny and I are going out on our first date with out kids in almost 5 months... tomorrow may be my first up to 2000 calorie day yet.. but I am thinking I will choose nutrients and flavour over quantity and I will drink lots and lots of water. 

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  1. That is awesome Aly! I love the tip about having healthy food and snacks ready to go and eat because it is always the crap food that is so easy to grab. Great idea!! Enjoy your kid-free date <3