Monday, January 17, 2011

Weigh in Day

I have to be honest, this morning when I woke up I was worried... Often when I work really hard to lose weight I don't. 
Monday's are my Biggest Loser Challenge weigh in days, as well as my Sharecare (Dr.Oz) weigh in days...

And since I gave away my scale to Salvation Army..(After reading a book that told me to)  I have to weigh in at the gym.  Kind of embarrassing doing it in front of women I have yet to meet, but it is also good motivation to go to the gym. 

After squeezing the last drop of pee from my body and removing my shoes.. I stepped on the scale.
Now before I tell you what Madam Scale told me.. I had already pre-decided that if I had lost nothing I was not working out today ... but I had also decided that I would stick with my program and  weight loss challenge regardless.
So back to removing shoes and stepping on Madam Scale (she is a grand scale, similar to one you would find in a Doctors office) ... And wouldn't you know it... She told me I  LOST 6 FREAKING POUNDS!!! I got off and thought.. huh that must be wrong so I re-set everything and stepped back on.... HOLY SHIT I LOST 6 LBS!  I love you Madam Scale, I love you..... I almost wept and started kissing my New BFF, but I decided that may be slightly more embarrasing than the thought of someone sneaking a peak at my number... 

Here are a few things I may have lost this week in the purge:

6 lb ball

6 lbs if peaches
6 lb fish

6 lbs of beef

6 lb baby
That's right, I lost the equivelant of a new born baby.  Not one of MY juicy babies, but I do know a few women who have born one or 2 of these elusive delights.

So the way I see it is.. One baby down, 10 more to go..

And yes.. The 6lb loss was enough motivation for me to turn around, put my shoes back on, place my headphones on my head and walk briskly over to the treadmill and turn on The View.


  1. Hahahaha, "one baby down"!!! Awesomesauce :) Good on you...I mean good off you ;)

  2. That was me signed in to the wrong account - but reading the right blog none the less :S

  3. Awesome Aly, we're all cheering for you! Deb Jamie

  4. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the support.