Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Inch by Inch...

Well I have to say that I am happy again.. despite the ridiculous 2 lb gain..

I had decided at the beginning of this journey that I would only do measurements every other week.. Almost as though I knew that the weight loss would be up and down weekly..
Remember I have had an extensive background with this particular body and what it does when dieting..

I have done weight watchers a number of times and I do recall the weeks I tried the hardest often didn't show on the scale until the following week.
I also had a good friend remind me that week 2 on the biggest loser TV show is always the hardest for the competitors.  So I am expecting phenomenal results next Monday ...
Oh Aly how you set yourself up....

Anyway... I measured myself last night and although I wasn't super thrilled when I started the measuring.. I mean an inch here, half an inch there.. but when I added it all up, in total over the past 2 weeks I have lost 12.1 inches off my body.  My chest, arms and thighs saw the biggest change. Although shockingly my neck lost an inch..
For those interested,  I measure my neck, chest, waist, butt, thigh, calf, upper arm and forearm.

Things that are 12 inches that I may have lost in the past 14 days:
12" Frying pan

12" KW Doll

12" Notebook

12" knife inside Elsie the Golden Retriever

I know that my weight gain could be contributed to salt, building muscle, even from drinking too much water before getting on the scale.  Regardless I am happy with the 12 inches that have left the premises.. and at the end of the day I have more energy, I am happier and I am committed to doing this, and if at the end of the 10 weeks there are no other changes, at least I am 4 lbs lighter and 12 inches smaller and for that I am thankful.  I mean lets be honest had I not done this I would have gained or maintained so at least I am still better off for trying.

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