Sunday, January 30, 2011

To much celebrating does not do the body good

So with all the excitement that yesterday brought, mixed with hanging out with my girlfriends celebrating the lovely Angela's birthday.. I may have had 3 to 26  glasses too many of red wine. 

This was my first official "Off-day/night" since starting... Not intentional either I might add.. I was only planning on having a couple of glasses..not bottles..
Anywho, I had been going strong for 20 days.. and with the lurking 21 day habit breaker just hours away it was bound to happen.  I mean if I made it to 21 days I may have just changed for good.. lol.. wait a second.... DAMN IT.  OK.. starting fresh...  Tomorrow is a new day...

The worst part about drinking too much for me is the following day.  All I wanted was potato for breakfast and Coke Zero.  I think I drank well over a liter of the stuff today..
The only water I got down was the gulp I took with Tylenol this morning.. Mamma Mia I am not smart sometimes!  Dinner was the first meal I was able to put down with out the spins.. 

Oh Aly why oh why do you do this to yourself.. So fun at the time.. so not fun after.

The moral to today's story is... I am SO not looking forward to getting on the scale tomorrow morning..

BTW loved all the ideas about how to lose 50 in 30.. I will be reviewing all submissions and suggestions over the next couple of days.. 

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  1. Have a wonderful fresh start tomorrow! Congratulations Aly! You really, really deserve this and I am so extremely happy for you!! xoxo Happy Dance Happy Dance!