Sunday, January 16, 2011


In my last post on Friday, I mentioned how the couch called my name along with food all day... and I wasn't sure if it was the working-out or if I was wanting to eat out of boredom.

Well good news ladies.. it turns out with all the excitement this past week I forgot about the one day a month that a woman needs to "prepare" for the following day. (Read hibernate and eat in privacy cuz it ain't pretty) That's right I was PMSing..  Oh happy, happy, joy, joy. 

Funniest thing about this..I am totally craving oranges...
Yesterday I did the period purge.  For any men who may stumble across this blog or women who are confused by this term.. The Period purge comes in many forms, for me it tends to come in the form of either cutting bangs, dying my hair or purging my closets and drawers.  Luckily for my poor fried hair, this month I cleaned house.  Well 2 rooms, and if you've seen my closets in those two rooms you would know why it took me all day and only completed 2 rooms (I am not talking about the size of the closets.. the lack of actually,  referring more to the amount of stuff I can stuff into one).
Talk about weight being lifted!  I worked for a good 8 hours and man did I sweat.  6 garbage bags of donation and trash later.. I feel 20lbs lighter.  My house still has A LONG way to go and so does my body, but both are looking better today.

This morning when I put my work-out pants on to hit the gym, I felt a flattish belly for the first time in years. Don't get me wrong it is still all flab, and has the same measurement as my boobs and butt, but the bloat is down.  (I guess the water has paid off)
And get this, last night when I put on my fresh out of the dryer jeans  - I didn't have to lay down to do them up!  Now that was a good feeling.. and one that kept me motivated enough this morning to get up and go to the gym. 

Yup you guessed it.. my typical Saturday night jeans :)

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