Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eating & Planning, Planning & Eating

The basis of my plan is to eat less and better.  One of the things I am doing is journalling everything I eat. I find this really helps me stay on track and to be able to chose better options.

Last night was my first night out to eat since starting my new regime. My BFF and I went out to for my birthday date night.. we always do sushi and a movie at our favourite place.  I love our date nights, great sushi, fantastic company and who doesn't love a good movie.  All yesterday I knew that I would not be able to resist the best sushi roll ever (It consists of cream-cheese, scallops, prawns and something else delicious).. and it's deep fried... so not exactly diet friendly.

By planning my meals out early in the day I was able to foresee needing to spend more calories on dinner.

My BFF and I shared a French Kiss (The roll - not the action), edamame, seaweed salad and had a miso soup each.   At the movie we shared a small popcorn (To be truthful I wasn't going to have any but I couldn't help myself, it smelled so good).  And because of my cautious planning all day I was able to stay under 1400 calories for the day and not deprive myself of anything. I'm learning people.. I'm learning.. You see the old dieting me would have said.. it's a special occasion and either gorged myself, or deprived myself of what I really wanted, felt crappy about myself and binged later when I was having a weak moment.

The funniest part (now, not then) about the whole ordeal is we are pretty sure something was on the funky side of expired that we both ate, as we both had an internal cleansing not too long after eating..

So in the end, I am  not even sure my body absorbed any of the calories after all that careful planning. Have to be honest... not totally upset about it either :)

I felt great and this morning I found myself wanting to hit the gym.  Now if only I had a built in sitter I could have gone..

Here's to staying motivated for when my hubby gets home so I can go!

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