Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My new Guru

At this time of year every talk show, every news program, every other commercial, every store you walk into is pushing us to lose weight, or "get healthy" for the new year.. and although we should all be doing this through out the year it is obvious by the packed gym yesterday... we don't (me included) and we buy into the message "they" (see conspiracy theory in next paragraph) are sending.  So what happens between February and December? Is there a way to keep this going all year?

Many people get very wealthy off the New Years win-fall..  Gyms, weight loss clinics, book sales, advertisers, trainers, fitness equipment sales... This of course makes my brain work over-time and come up with a fantastic good ol' conspiracy theory..That "they" want us to lose in January, gain in February.. I mean come on, what with all the chocolates and lavish dinners with your sweety pies.. OK "conspiracy" or cleaver marketing it doesn't really matter since as I have pointed out - I buy in every January.

Last week while suffering through the "epicold" (epic cold) that was sure to end my life on my 34th birthday, I was watching a whole lot of day time TV.  One thing very interesting about day time TV, is most commercials at that time of day are just advertising tomorrows day time TV.. they get you hooked.  Anywho.. Dr. Oz was advertising his 11 weeks to move it and lose it episode and to sign up on line for the challenge.  So I set my PVR and signed up on line.  

The episode was fantastic, I had an Oprah "aha" moment when he said "Your body is not looking for calories, it is looking for nutrients" He went on to explain that is why the junk food goes to your junk trunk (booty).. your body doesn't use that, so it stores it.  Talk about light bulb.. I get it.. if you want your body to use the food you eat, eat the food it can use. This moment has made me re-think my intelligence level.. I mean it makes sense but somehow I never got it.

I signed up for the Dr. Oz and Nike 11 weeks to move it and lose it on Friday, gave it a look yesterday, and played around a bit, but this morning I really looked at it.. and it's AWESOME. Best part it is FREE. It is a "facebook" of sorts that gives you access to customized work-outs to help you reach your goal, menu's, food tracker and incredible advice and access to people that I would normally never have the grace of conversing with.  Did I mention it is FREE!  And no spam, or credit cards.. THANK YOU DR.OZ.
Here is the link to sign up : http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/move-it-and-lose-it-2011 totally worth it!

With motivation being my biggest down-fall, I look forward to this blog, My biggest loser competition and Dr.Oz's Sharecare to keep me on top of it, part of my daily routine.  This year I intend to make it through the Valentines gorge, and all the way into April to have a solid foundation for the rest of the year. 

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