Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ooops hold that thought.. I have to pee

You know what happens when you start to drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies?
You make pee.  

I think it is probably a good thing internally to pee more, but it's kinda getting in the way of my life.  Every time I sit down to work.. I have to pee. Driving the kids to gymnastics (5 minute drive) I have to pee.. and we're not talking a hold-able amount.. because more is on it's way down I have to go and go quick.  I swear my kids think I have a bladder infection minus the screaming in the bathroom.  (Yes I have a low pain tolerance).

OK and my question of the day is:
"They" say that the first week of weight loss is mostly water loss, ummm...I am I doing this wrong?
Should I be striving to not drink water so I weigh less come Monday?   (& yes I am joking)

Yesterday was a great day!... although I was working when my husband got home so he had to make dinner.. which you would think after 9 years together and being with me through at least 72 different weight loss plans, he would understand what it means to cook with-out excess oil and know that white rice is not on plan.. 
Hold the phone... day one I said I would be more appreciative of my family.. OK, let me start this rant again... Yesterday my husband was sweet enough to come home and make dinner for the family. I ate the veggies and turkey sausage with half a cup white rice and passed on the sauce.   And still stayed under 1300 calories for the day.  Thank you dear.

Before I had kids losing weight was much easier.  I would spend hours at the gym, sometimes twice a day, eat what I wanted, when I wanted and had very few groceries in the house.  My reality is very different now, instead I am swimming upstream in a fishy cracker pond and any physical activity always includes...wait for me mommy.

Mondays and Fridays my kids go to pre-school for 2 hours, this is my gym time.   I have incredible intentions to go to the gym as soon as my husband gets home every evening, but something has come up every night this week.  So my new goal for next week will be to get up earlier in the morning and use my dusty Wii fit board and do a home work out before the kids are up.

My 5 minutes are up.. gotta go pee.

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  1. Aly, this new blog is awesome, I just sat and read all of the posts thus far! You are so witty and personable. Your ah-ha moments have become my ah-ha moments, thank you so much for sharing!

    I am looking forward to reading about this adventure and new I am off to go find some nutrient rich food :)